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Carbide Router Bits
Metal Router Bits

Metal Router Bits


1. Metal router bits are produced with the whole tungsten steel (high quality hard alloy);

Specially designed for metal engraving machining.


2.    Diameter: 3.175MM / 4MM / 6MM / 8MM / 12MM;

3.    Angle: 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 45, 60, 90;

4.    Tool-Tip: 0.1MM ~ 3.0MM;


5.    Metal router bits are suitable for:

  Fine carving characters or design on different metal materials, such as

  Copper, aluminium plate, iron, steel, stainless-steel, Ti, brass, Zn, etc.


6.    Features:

(1)    Unique accurate sharpening technology;

(2)    Precision grinded by imported machine tools;

(3)    Free from burrs, powerful and durable;

(4)    High cost performance: such router bits can be regrinded and used repeatedly.


7.    In carbide router bits series, you maybe also very interested in:

(1)    Carbide cutter with standard angle;

(2)    Solid carbide bit with ordinary degree;

(3)    V groove router bits;

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Besides metal router bits.